MKA creative

Spatial media for live, hybrid & virtual events

Pre, during and post, hybrid event branding, immersive motion graphics & spatial activations. 


Creative strategies

We use generative AI techniques to enhance the creative pipeline, exploring ideas and visual styles whilst steering the process with clear creative strategies. Exploiting new technology whilst retaining artistic control.

Immersive media kits

3D projections, holographic effects and interactive transparent screens to enhance live events and activations. We create a cascade of assets and media that then form a media kit for road shows, presentations and future events.

Live event content

Screen projection and set design & C4D visuals
Motion graphic content kits

Virtual event media

A full creative service from conception through to final show-files and post event material. Virtual sets, trailers, opening videos, highlights and supporting activations like AR and 360 hubs.

Spatial environments

We can explore a brand’s movement into a spatial design in a strategic and illustrative way.

Digital activations

Ideation and concept work on booth activations, 3D projections, holographic effects and interactive transparent screens filled with spatial content to fully immerse delegates in exciting ways

Case study: Veeva

We worked closely with the Veeva event management team adn KOLs, collaborating on the narrative and themes for opening videos and linking media for events throughout the year. Our skills were used to bring a high visual impact to the pre-event trailers, on site unique video canvas, and post event highlights for these large scale congress events.